Lieske Spindler Guitars - Duo with Wulfin Lieske

In 2009, the duo, the Guitarduo lieske spindler guitars, was launched. On the occasion of the 150th birthday of Isaac Albèniz, they recorded the CD "Evocaciòn", with transcriptions of his piano works. The guitarists used two legendary instruments from Antonio de Torres (1856) for this recording. This debut was received with euphoric reviews and was honored by the renowned Gramophone Editors Choice.

With their new CD "Bottom's Dream" the Duo is setting new standards, this time with contemporary music from Astor Piazzolla, Charles Mingus and Wulfin Lieske.

These musicians' inquisitive desire and openness to cross conventional lines in music and genre is clearly reflected in the variety of their repertoire, as well as their choice of instruments. Whether Scarlatti, Sor, Lhoyer, Debussy, Ravel or Arvo Pärt, these works are played on rare instruments, which originate from prominent collections and are exclusively provided to Wulfin Lieske and Fabian Spindler. Among these are Spanish Master Guitars made by Antonio de Torres, Manuel Ramirez and Santos Hernandez, as well as acoustic six string guitars from the workshops of Fritz Ober and the FRAME Works guitars by Frank Krocker.

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